For Parents

DCRC is committed to promoting partnerships between the most important adults in a child’s life, namely, parents (and other family members) and teachers.

In addition to our award winning teacher resources, the ideas offered in this section will provide families with activities, strategies and resources that promote resilience and social and emotional health in children, and in themselves! Resources are specific to each age range ~ Infants & Toddlers, Preschoolers, School-Aged, Adults ~ and cover the following categories:

  • Overview of Resilience and Social and Emotional Health
  • Tips and Strategies that Promote Resilience and Social and Emotional Development
  • Activities to do Together to Promote Child Development and Resilience
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Gryphon House Blog: Click here to view blog contributions by two of our staff members, Karen Cairone and Nefertiti Bruce Poyner, on promoting social and emotional health and resilience in young children.

Resilient Families Blog: Click here to view a blog specifically for parents with children with special needs. blog:  Click here to read DCRC’s Director, Paul LeBuffe, monthly blog contribution on raising resilient children.


Choose the age group you’re interested in and enjoy our free resources for families!

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