Click here or watch our one-minute video to learn more about our new Professional Development Learning Series, based on Building Your Bounce: Simple Strategies for a Resilient You by Mary Mackrain and Dr. Nefertiti Bruce Poyner. Contact [email protected] to bring these interactive videos to your organization.

Our Focus on Adult Resilience

We also focus on promoting the health and well-being of all adults who parent, nurture and/or work with young children through a focus on adult resilience. The critical connection between children’s resilience and the health and wellness of the adults in children’s lives can not be underestimated. DCRC began this initiative in response to the growing understanding and appreciation that promoting children’s resilience depends significantly on the resilience of who cares for them.

We have a number of resources available for adults, including Building Your Bounce and the Devereux Adult Resilience Survey (DARS). We encourage you to look at our resources to learn more about the importance of taking time to build your own resilience so that you can better support those around you.

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* Adult Resilience Webinar presented by EdWeb & the Kaplan Early Learning Company! Listen to Nefertiti Bruce Poyner in this practical and powerful webinar designed to meet you where you are and take you to a place of greater strength, determination and resiliency. Attendees are sure to leave this experience with energy, enthusiasm, and a commitment to make a few positive changes in their lives that will lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. These changes will undoubtedly resonate in the work they do everyday with children and families. Listen to the archived webinar>>

* How Do You Bounce Back from Setbacks? This article on Edutopia offers suggestions (adapted from Building Your Bounce) for promoting resilience in educators. View here>>

* 7 Tips for Bouncing Back Over the Holidays Webinar ~ Listen to an archived webinar, presented by Nefertiti Bruce Poyner, that focuses on tips and strategies to make sure adults care for themselves during the busy holiday season. The 7 tips offered in this webinar are not only appropriate for the holidays but all year long as well! View here>>